Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Celebrities Gone Wild: 'Transformers' actress and Pin-up Girl Next Door model Megan Fox caught in celebrity sex tape scandal at Comic Con

Actress Megan Fox caught on film at Comic Con convention handy-cam celebrity sex tape scandal? Nope. Good celebrity news about the pin-up model is she has protected her good girl image. But you can't really blame a guy for asking considering her ultra-sexy mannerisms and sultry exotic looking woman appeal. This ultimate Transformer movie series girl next door is drop dead gorgeous, that's for sure, making her an easy target to become the focus of any sex tape urban legend of celebrity stalker.


Here's the scoop. The Comic-Con International convention was staged in San Diego, and over 125,000 comic book devotees were able to come face-to-face with starlets such as Scarlett Johansson (blonde bombshell starlet wife of uber-hunk and probable sex god Ryan Reynolds of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine) and Cameron Diaz (of Demi Moore's Charlie's Angels, playing a spoof character of the role previously played by recently deceased actress Farrah Faucett -- America's number one favorite Pin-up girl and Playboy centerfold of all time).

According to Courrier.au.com, the story goes something like this...

[Comic Con] is the Cannes Film Festival for fans," said Hollywood super producer Joel Silver, who with Robert Downey Jr and Rachel McAdams, showed clips and held a panel discussion for their new film, Sherlock Holmes, in front of 6000 Comic-Con fans on Friday. It is a place to go for genre and commercial fare. You sit in that hall with 6000 people and you know if your movie is going to work. This year, Johansson was the headliner, promoting Iron Man 2, but it was an appearance by Megan Fox which had the geeks talking after one fan approached the star during a Q&A to promote her new supernatural western Jonah Hex. "My question is for Megan," the man said. "I have a Sony HVR (video camera). It's not a true HD, but it gives a pretty good image. Anyway, my question is: I just graduated film school and I'm trying to help my career. I was wondering if you'd be interested in some kind of, like, celebrity sex tape?" With that, a couple of security guards grabbed the fella and took him to an undisclosed location.


With that, Fox's co-star, Josh Brolin, quipped (as the man was dragged away), "Dude, I can't wait to see what you look like in 30 minutes". Somehow, we don't think that's the quite the same kind of pounding this celebrity stalker was looking for when he propositioned our favorite pin-up girl.

We don't have the aspiring film makers name yet who made this Celebrity OOPS maneuver, but we're willing to bet his films won't be on the big screen as blockbuster hits any time soon.

Bad form, dude... asking a girl to make a sex tape on any first meeting, stalker or not, when it comes to VIP red carpet events and general dating or social etiquette is simply bad form.

What's your take on the celebrity sex tape scandal situation. Do you think Megan is going to be able to keep her looks and her good girl image with all this attention or will she succumb to the dark side of the Hollywood force that gets the best of so many of Hollywood's brightest young starlets and handsome hunk celebrities who resort to using flashes of skin and revealing pics to get their names in the news with XXX regularity? Share your tastefully wordes comments below -- and yes, out of respect for Miss Fox, they will be edited to PG-13 commentary.

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